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Unmaintained or Non-functional Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be a significant risk to public health when left unmaintained or non-functional.  The combination of stagnant water and warm weather make non-functional swimming pools an ideal habitat for mosquitoes. 

Unmaintained swimming pool

A non-functional swimming pool can produce thousands of mosquitoes capable of transmitting diseases such as West Nile or Saint Louis Encephalitis viruses. This staggering number of mosquitoes is more than enough to negatively impact the public health of an entire community.

The District actively responds to any report of unmaintained or non-functional swimming pools in addition to conducting aerial surveillance to identify unknown non-functional pools. This type of mosquito development site is most often found in the backyard of residential properties. The District’s process for verifying the condition of a suspected or existing non-functional swimming pool can be found below.

The District does not require that a non-functional swimming pool be brought to a functional state; however, the District does require access when requested to inspect the swimming pool for mosquito development.

Residents with a non-functional swimming pool identified in the previous year will receive the following notice in the mail at the start of the season (March-April). Residents who receive this notice should promptly respond. Options for verification are listed below under Swimming Pool Verification Options.

Mailer notice
Mailer notice


Newly identified or suspected non-functional swimming pools, as well as follow up inspections on previously identified non-functional pools, will receive the first notice below:

First Notice
First Notice


Swimming Pool Verification Options:
Unmaintained or non-functional swimming pools holding water: residents must contact the District to schedule an inspection.

Maintained (clean/blue) or non-functional dry swimming pools have three options to verify condition:

1.    Text us a photo: (559) 217-7901.
2.    Email us a photo:
3.    Schedule an inspection: Call 559-896-1085. A Mosquito Control Technician can come out to the property for a visual confirmation.

The notice received MUST be in the SAME photo as the swimming pool.

Residents who do not respond to the first notice mailer or first notice door hanger, will be issued the following second notice.

Second Notice
Second Notice


Residents who fail to respond to a second notice will be given one last opportunity to contact the District and issued the final notice below.

Final Notice
Final Notice


Failure to respond to a final notice above will result in the property being noticed as a Health and Safety Code violation and a warrant to inspect the property will be executed with assistance from local law enforcement when needed.